Postville Courthouse State Historic Site welcomes you to Logan County, Illinois. With over 100 attractions, there's something for everyone! Walk in the early footsteps of Abraham Lincoln before he became famous as our nation's 16th President. Hop in your car and drive on America's most talked-about road, Route 66. Explore fascinating historical, cultural, architectural and even a few quirky attractions. Experience the local, small town charm and one of our many festivals or special events. Enjoy a delicious meal in a local eatery and browse our charming shops. Spend an hour, a day, a weekend or even longer to Explore, Experience and Enjoy what Logan County, Illinois has to offer!

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Over 100 Attractions to Explore...There's Something for everyone!

With over 100 attractions to explore right here in Logan County, there is something for everyone! Abraham Lincoln, Route 66, Agritourism, Museums, Outdoor Art & Sculpture, Architecture... we have it all. Even some quirky items you won't find anywhere else. Spend an hour, a day, or even a weekend and come explore the treasure trove of what Logan County, Illinois has to offer.

Popular Attractions
Relive the Journey of Freedom's Man...

Abraham Lincoln spent much of his law career practicing right here in Logan County. Visit the courtrooms of Postville Courthouse and Mt. Pulaski Courthouse where Abe actually practiced & debated cases. Visit where Abe himself named and christened the town of Lincoln and owned property. Come take a walk in Abe's shoes and explore all of the Abraham Lincoln history right here in Logan County!

As a surveyor and circuit-riding lawyer, Abraham Lincoln became personal friends to many early settlers in Logan County before he was beloved by an entire nation. In 1839, Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Illinois State Legislature and had a major role in the official legislation which established Logan County. Postville was selected as the first county seat of Logan County and the Postville courthouse was the site where one of the first references was made to Abraham Lincoln as "Honest Abe."

Popular Abraham Lincoln Attractions
Take a Ride on America's Road...

Route 66 passes right through the heart of Logan County with much of the original route still in use today! Take a drive down the Mother Road and visit many of the Route 66 attractions, historical sites, and beautiful scenery.

Often called the "Main Street of America", Route 66 linked rural communities like Lincoln, Elkhart and Atlanta with two vital 20th century cities - Chicago and Los Angeles. The rail route through Logan County, which was planned by Abraham Lincoln and his friends, later became the pathway along which the famed Route 4 and later Route 66 (opened in 1926) paralleled and pass throught the communities of Atlanta, Lawndale, Lincoln, Broadwell and Elkhart.

Popular Route 66 Attractions